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Stefania Turkewich[Quelltext änneren]

Hello Bdx, Would you be able to give this article a start in the Luxembourgish language Wikipedia, with an introductory sentence or paragraph? The article in the German language Wikipedia is: Stefanija Turkewytsch. In the English and French language Wikipedia's it can be found as: Stefania Turkewich. Can you take a look at this when you can find some time? Thank you. Nicola Mitchell (Diskussioun) 17:45, 16. Aug. 2022 (UTC)Antworten[äntweren]

Hello, thank you for your message, but I am currently focusing on other articles, specifically on Films produced in Luxembourg. As I don't know this person, don't speak Ukrainian or Russian and am not especially familiar with classical composers, I think it is better if I don't just translate an article from another Wikipedia. Why do you want this article to be translated? --Bdx (Diskussioun) 08:08, 17. Aug. 2022 (UTC)Antworten[äntweren]
I don't need the entire article translated. Just an introductory sentence to create it will do, and then once it exists it can be contributed to by other editors over the years who take an interest in this content. Thank you for getting back to me. Nicola Mitchell (Diskussioun) 09:44, 19. Aug. 2022 (UTC)Antworten[äntweren]