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Diskussioun:1010 v. Chr.

Inhalter vun der Säit ginn an anere Sproochen net ënnerstëtzt.
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D'Joer 1010 v. Chr. huet op engem Freideg ugefaangen: No wat fir engem Kalenner soll dat gewiescht sinn? --Zinneke (Diskussioun) 17:43, 5. Feb. 2018 (UTC)[äntweren]

Moreover it seems that I really was wrong with BC dating 'cause the perpetual calender I used calculated "year 0". But don't worry, it will be fixed. Leap years should be of odd-digit then, but I just will not mention them. --Wolverène (Diskussioun) 18:55, 5. Feb. 2018 (UTC)[äntweren]
Sorry but I really see very little added value to add the day of the week years started before the introduction of Julian or gregorian calendar. -from my point of view it's just a technical gimmick with little to no added value.Robby (Diskussioun) 21:30, 5. Feb. 2018 (UTC)[äntweren]
Althemore nothing noticeable known today happened that year, and this situation will very probably not chnage in the future. So having an article just stating what theoretical/retrocalculated weekday that year started with looks quite odd. I would simply do as en:wiki or de:wiki : stop with year pages at 1000 BC, and then only have decades.--Zinneke (Diskussioun) 21:52, 5. Feb. 2018 (UTC)[äntweren]