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Datum vun der Demontage[Quelltext änneren]

Am Artikel steet den 21. Oktober. Am Buch vum Gilbert Trausch (le luxembourg à l'époque contemporaine, 1975/1981) steet den 20. August. Waat stemmt dann elo? --Spanish Inquisition 22:30, 9 Juli 2006 (UTC)

Den 20. August ass falsch. --Zinneke 22:45, 9 Juli 2006 (UTC)

Ok, Merci. Et wonnert mech blouss, well den Trausch ass jo eigentlech eng verlesslech Quell. Spanish Inquisition 23:17, 9 Juli 2006 (UTC)

English Wikipedia needs your help[Quelltext änneren]

Does the Gëlle Fra include the names of those killed in the German as well as the French forces?

This was copied from the English language page on WW 1 Casualties

In the Gëlle Fra article they list 2,800 dead with a Ref [3] that leads to no actual reference, the German article says 2,500 total dead in French forces. The official French data list 4,600 foreign war dead in the Foreign Legion. I would like to see an official source with the data --Woogie10w 08:25, 28 April 2007 (UTC)
This French website lists The following data ,Luxembourg 948 serving in Allied Armies(including France) and 201 war dead in French Foreign Legion.[1]Vadim Erlikman in his Russian language handbook of of statistics cites Fremy Quid as listing 1,800 dead in the German Army. We have conflicting sources. The Wikpedia site in Lexbourgish is only partialy intelligble to me, I wish somebody from Luxembourg could help.--

Woogie10w From English Wikipedia