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This bot is controlled by Commons:User:MGA73. It does or has done some tasks that you can see below:


The bot can add Schabloun:Commonscat on categories and articles. The bot uses for this task. It workes a bit like the interwiki bots. It follows all the interwiki links and looks for commonscat templates on the other wikies. If it finds one it checks if the category excists on Commons and if it does it adds the commonscat on lb-wiki.

So if someone added a wrong commonscat on xx-wiki (or a wrong interwiki link) the bot will find it and add it on lb-wiki. So to fix the problem once and for all you have to remove or correct the commonscat on lb-wiki + check the commonscat on the articles or categories on other wikies.


I have used the bot to add license templates on the files based on the text on the file page. If no license was mentioned or I could not "translate" the text to an excisting license a Schabloun:Bild-Lizenz-onbekannt was added.


I have used the bot to add a Schabloun:Elo op Commons (NowCommons) on files that also excists on Commons. The bot only adds the template it does not check if all information is transfered correct.

Orphan redirects

I have used the bot to orphan redirects. That makes it easier to see where a photo is used and it helps categorize files on Commons.

Transfering files to Commons.

The bot can copy files to Commons. It uses to do that. Only files with a valid and free license should be moved to Commons. When the file is on Commons the bot adds Schabloun:Elo op Commons on the local version and if the file has been renamed the bot replaces the local usage.