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This tag is obsolete[Quelltext änneren]

This template should be replaced by other more specific templates. However, it is not possible to do "just like that". I therefore suggest that the template is changed to something like Commons:Template:PD or ms:Templat:PD.

That tells users and uploaders that the license tag should be changed if possible and that no new files should be uploaded with this license tag. --MGA73 18:40, 18. Jul. 2011 (UTC)[äntweren]

This tag is difficult to be replaced, as many images come from a source which has either not been linked or does no longer exist, at least not under the initial form. Although it is sure that it is a PD licence, the reason may often not be found out now (or was also initially not indicated on that other wiki). --Otets ♣ 21:55, 18. Jul. 2011 (UTC)[äntweren]
Yeah but you can always try. And if it is own work by the uploader it is easy :-) For new files it should be possible. --MGA73 08:05, 19. Jul. 2011 (UTC)[äntweren]
Oh, and it is not a deletion notice if that is what you are worring about :-) Files can have this "old" license for years. Files will only be deleted if they are no longer usefull or if they are known or expected to be unfree. --MGA73 08:16, 19. Jul. 2011 (UTC)[äntweren]

Not sure if the comment above was an objection or a comment so I suggest this text:

PD-icon.svg Notiz: Dës Lizenzschabloun ass net méi aktuell - ersetzt se mat enger méi spezifescher:

Dëst Bild gehéiert zum Domaine public, well:

  • seng Schutzdauer ofgelaf ass; oder
  • et net déi néideg Schëpfungshéicht erreecht fir geschützt ze sinn; oder
  • et vu sengem Auteur zu onageschränkter Benotzung fräigi gouf an deem Ëmfang wéi et am jeeweilegen nationale Recht erlaabt ass; oder
  • et duerch seng speziell Natur oder Origine per se net geschützt ass.

Please notice it is not a "we are going to delete your file if you do not change the license-notice". --MGA73 18:57, 8. Aug. 2011 (UTC)[äntweren]

I translated the first part. For me, that's ok. --08:59, 30. Sep. 2011 (UTC)
Thank you. Would Kategorie:Domaine-Public-Bild (ersetzt) be a relevant name? --MGA73 17:27, 30. Sep. 2011 (UTC)[äntweren]