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den Numm[Quelltext änneren]

Why renaming again?!
Since 2017 the Kazakhstani govt starts transliterating the local national language from Cyrillic to Latin script. Pls read this and ru:Казахская письменность#Исторические официальные алфавиты. The process of transliterating will be ended in 2025, sooner or later we'll change the names of local athlets etc, but better sooner... --Wolverène (Diskussioun) 17:45, 3. Mee 2018 (UTC)

"hei ka kee Kasachesch liesen" -- that's right, as well as Vietnamese, Hungarian and other scripts with very special pronunciation of Latin letters.. --Wolverène (Diskussioun) 17:48, 3. Mee 2018 (UTC)
Kazakhstani Cyrillic or Latin script is not good readable for us. If it would be, other big Wikipedias would have already done too. --Les Meloures (Diskussioun) 17:51, 3. Mee 2018 (UTC)
and we should use letters that exist in our Alphabet !!!!! --Les Meloures (Diskussioun) 17:53, 3. Mee 2018 (UTC)