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Copy to Commons This is a candidate to be copied to Wikimedia Commons. Freely licensed or public domain media are more accessible to other Wikimedia projects if placed on Commons. Any user may perform this move—please see Moving images to the Commons for more information.

Please remove this template and change the license to {{Bild-FU}} or {{Bild-FU-3D}} if the file is not free (for example a picture of a painting, a statue or a building and if freedom of panorama does not apply.) or nominate the file for deletion if fair use is not possible.

If this image has been copied to Commons replace this tag with {{Elo op Commons|1=Image name on commons}}

Copy to Commons via CommonsHelper

Export file to Commons via FileImporter (Read more here and modify tool here)

This template makes it easier to move a file to Commons with CommonsHelper.