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Inhalter vun der Säit ginn an anere Sproochen net ënnerstëtzt.
Vu Wikipedia

Hi @Wolverène« What is the source of the (double) nationality? Living in Namibia and being a Namibian national is not the same... --Zinneke (Diskussioun) 22:17, 19. Okt. 2016 (UTC)[äntweren]

  • Hello. I haven't really delved into. He was born in Germany and lives in Namibia, that's why I've made such a conclusion. Anyway at least for 9+7 years he's Namibia-based. There are also references to his activity in local sources: [1], [2] + his profile in the Namibian segment of LinkedIn.
So I believe he's Namibian but I am not sure about his German or even Luxembourgish nationality. What nationality did he own when he worked for the Luxembourgish cinema? --Wolverène (Diskussioun) 04:11, 20. Okt. 2016 (UTC)[äntweren]
In the absence of any evidence of nationality, we should leave that question open. Wikipedia is not so much about believes than about facts. ;-) Greetings, --Zinneke (Diskussioun) 07:35, 20. Okt. 2016 (UTC)[äntweren]