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Extrait aus dem Artikel Stur & Ekrem 2006[Quelltext änneren]

Holotype ♂ (ZSM), Luxembourg, Oesling, W Clervaux, rheohelocrene spring no. LUXqu23, emergence trap (E3), 06.IV.1999, I. Schrankel.

Micropsectra robusta is known from the type locality only, a swampy area near a rheohelocrene spring. The once surrounding forest has been cleared, and vegetation near the spring now consists mainly of birch, broom, blackberries, raspberries, etc. (Gerecke et al., 2005). The spring itself is relatively cold (7.4 °C in April 1999) and evenly flowing, and has moderate conductivity (207 µS/cm) (Gerecke et al., 2005).

Etymology: From Latin robustus (strong, robust); to be treated as an adjective, and referring to the strong anal point.

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